"I have always enjoyed working with my hands. When I was given the Gift to hand-build my vessels and stay close to nature to what I put on the outside, I listened and did as instructed. My hands and the clay work together to create my vessels. The clay tells me how to form each piece. So my vessels are one of a kind, built one at a time." - Rachel

As a resident of Sardis, Mississippi, Rachel has always been curious about the world outside of Sardis. She received her under graduate degree in education and an Air Force Commission the Fall of 1977. The summer of 1992, Rachel came back home with two years of teaching experience. She felt the need to give back to her community, so she began teaching. After two more years, Rachel went back to college to get a master degree from the University of Mississippi. During this learning experience, Rachel took a class in beginning ceramics. She graduated from Ole Miss with a Master degree in education and a Master degree in Art Education the Summer of 2000. Rachel has been a potter since the summer of 1999.

Rachel’s work has been exhibited in the American Craft Council show, American Women Expo, Black Women Expo, all in the state of Illinois. She has also exhibited work in museums and galleries across Mississippi and in Tennessee. Rachel was one of seven artists chosen to create the "Highway 61 Project" that was exhibited at the George Ohr Museum in Biloxi, Mississippi. She is a member of several art organizations and a board member of the Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education, a field advisor for the Whole School Initiative through the Mississippi Art Commission, and recently inducted as a member of the Mississippi Artist Roster. She is a member and board member of the Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi. Rachel has also conducted workshops for teachers and students from Gulf Coast of Mississippi to Olive Branch, Mississippi.